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TESTNET Blocks - Not Real Transactions!

History ➲ Height Age Transactions Total Sent Difficulty Haiku 259174136 days 3 hours0018[Mid-Block Difficulty Adjustment (pseudo-block)]259173136 days 3 hours329.99659200017below sunset a gate weeping 259172136 days 3 hours19.99885750016in evening beautiful cherries rushing 259171136 days 3 hours219.99772700017a gate under afternoon water-- last 259170136 days 4 hours219.99772800016at midnight deep leaves soaring 259169136 days 4 hours19.99887000015midnight quiet at a sick hat-- cool 259168136 days 4 hours19.99885900014a bell under noon light-- thick 259167136 days 4 hours219.99773000015rushing on a afternoon raindrop air leaving-- a evening voice 259166136 days 4 hours219.99773100014a village below midnight salt-- scarlet 259165136 days 4 hours19.99887150013above morning drowned mosquitos fall
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